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The driving force behind every campaign? A smart strategy.


The driving force behind every campaign? A smart strategy.


We optimize campaigns

Online marketing agency DLVR consists of smart thinkers and conversion rate optimizers. They all have the same goal: to get the most out of online marketing campaigns. More than our clients could do by themselves. More than our competing agencies do. Sometimes even more than we’d expected ourselves.

We develop smart online conversion strategies and improve digital campaigns with our optimalization approach. Our strategies and campaigns generate more awareness, more traffic, more leads and more sales.

Let us know your business objectives and we will develop a smart strategy for you.

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our expertise.

As an online marketing agency, we’re analyzing and optimizing campaign results on a daily bases. From email to landing pages and from newsletter to PPC ads, we’re always searching for ways to improve the results. If conversion rates don’t go up, we feel down.

We create en manage online conversion campaigns for clients in both the B2B and B2C market. All our campaign have hard, tangible, targets such as (but not limited to): increasing brand awareness, generate leads for the sales team or increase shop traffic.

We also optimize existing campaigns for companies that are having difficulties with maintaining and increasing campaign results, even if they already have an online agency on the job.

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Online Marketing Services


The SEO approach of DLVR ensures better presentation and beter rankings of your content in search engines. This results in more relevant traffic, leads and potential buyers on your website.


Get more results out of your SEA campaigns? DLVR can help you with achieving more impressions, clicks and lower CPC’s within your Adwords and Bing Ads campaigns.

Content Marketing

Relevant Content is one of the most effective ways to generate more leads for businesses. Do you have an effective content strategy in place?

Social Advertising

Social media is perfect for targeting specific audiences. DLVR is happy to help you reach and seduce your target audience through social advertising.

Web analytics

We get more insights from web analytics thanks to detailed measurement plans, KPI based reporting and sharp analysis for data.

Email marketing

E-mail is still a way to achieve the high(est) conversion rates. DLVR designs and sends e-DMs and newsletters. Beyond that we design e-mail based marketing automation campaigns.

Landing pages

Landing pages convert much better than normal web pages. DLVR creates and optimizes landing pages based on content and persuasion tactics for the purpose of generating leads for B2B and B2C businesses.

Conversion optimalization

We gladly support you to analyze and improve the conversion rates of your existing campaigns and conversion funnels.

Affiliate Marketing

Other website owners can also help you to generatie traffic, leads and sales. Affiliate Marketing is perfomance based, so you only have to pay for actual results.


We don’t build webshops. However, we are experts in analyzing and improving results for online shops. We are objective and independent.

Interim Marketeers

Need a stronger marketing team? DLVR can provide passionate and experienced interim marketeers who support your digital marketing team on a temporary basis.

Display Advertising

DLVR creates and optimizes awareness and conversion-oriented display advertising campaigns. We focus on the bigger ad exchanges like Google Display Network.

Do you want to know how we increase your conversion rates (and your business sales)?

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Online Marketing Diensten

Do you want to know how we increase your conversion rates (and your business sales)?

Jusk as us

Don’t try to sell,
instead help
with buying

People make decisions based on relevant information. The phase in the customer buying cycle determines what kind of type of information is relevant for your prospect. By providing the right information we help a prospective customer to take the next step in his of her decision-making process.

Add to this the fact that there are many different types of customers with different information needs. And these needs differ for each step in the decision making process. Then marketing suddenly becomes complicated. How do you win this game as an online marketing agency?

DLVR uses content marketing strategies to reach potential customers, to create traffic to a website or landing page, to convert the traffic to qualitative leads and to generate sales.

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Online Marketing Cases

European website and online lead generation campaigns for Glazing Vision Europe
40+ brochure requests per month
+56% more samples for Domini Icecream
5% conversion rate brochure requests for Sandd
+88% conversion improvement for the Citroën Grand C4 Picasso
+12.500 conversions e-mail to social for Dental Clinics
Strategy and conversion advice Wijnkoperij De Gouden Ton
400.000+ videoviews #gratefulforfreedom campaign
60+ sales agreements per month for Premiums
1.000+ conversions introduction Grand C4 Picasso
200+ leads per month for Küchen Direct (DMG)
1.866 conversions introduction new Citroën C1
B2B sales agreements for cloudhoster Parentix
241 conversions introduction DS 3 Fab
Sales agreements (in the Nordics) for Slope Lighting Solutions
Farmhouse Amsterdam sold in 4 weeks
400+ reviews in 1 week for Citroën Grand C4 Picasso
100+ Adwords campaigns for 50+ dental surgeries
Advisory consultation leads for Vermogensbeheer.nl
1.600+ new email addresses via Facebook Lead Ads

Online Marketing Cases

Result driven
digital agency
is looking for client

Client or project with clear and challenging conversion targets. We prefer clients who start with thinking, before they act. Clients who become excited by a solid approach, who believe in the power of campaigns. Especially if the campaigns run for a longer period of time. Oh, and a suitable budget of course 😉

In a successful relationship both partners have a common view on things, have the same values and same priorities. We also believe that starting small, thinking agile and scaling fast delivers the best results. How about you?

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